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"Shannon has a wonderful personality for a photographer. She is super friendly, energetic and so good at making kids and adults at ease for the camera. We hired Shannon to do some family beach photos for us, and she captured exactly what I was looking for.  I love my truly natural and happy family portrait."  Dervla


"Shannon is not only a remarkable photographer with a great eye, but she has a way of meeting her clients where they are at and easing them into the process. I am someone who is uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I felt so at ease and actually had fun taking these photos which I think translates into how they look and feel." Kat

Shannon Halliday Photography-7025

"Shannon is so easy to work with.  She gives direction but also allows her clients to inspire her.  She is flexible and her love of her work comes through in her photos!" Samantha

Shannon Halliday Photography-4444

"Shannon is very professional and personable. She listened carefully to what I was looking to capture and offered suggestions to match my interest. Shannon has a great eye for capturing beautiful candid moments and is also knowledgeable about how to pose to get the most flattering angles.  She is creative and prepared for anything when working with families and little squishies."  Kami


"I needed new professional photos for my website and knew what ‘look' I wanted. Shannon came prepared with examples that matched what I was going for so we were on the same page from the start, and the end result was perfect. Her photos captured the real me and I got exactly what I needed for my website and more. I also had a great time - the vibe was comfortable and relaxed." Ali

Shannon Halliday Photography-3693

"Shannon is wonderful to work with. She has a natural eye for what makes a great photo. Most importantly she enjoys photography and it really shows in her photos!" Samuel

Shannon Halliday Photography-6610

"What a pleasure it was to do those photo shoots with Shannon! The experience was amazing. Shannon is so passionate about photography and capturing the right picture of the moment and the bond between each one in the family. She is very patient and takes the time to capture the exact moment! In other words just loved the whole experience and Shannon, a very talented photographer and beautiful human being." Amelie

Shannon Halliday Photography-0265

I was thrilled to have this image selected for the Farewell Fall, Life + Lens Blog Special Edition in 2016. Highlighting fabulous family photography and for truly celebrating families in all their forms.

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"Shannon was super friendly and fun to work with. She has a great eye for capturing the moment. We were taking pictures with our young daughter and our dog and she was really great working with both of them. Very patient, flexible, and efficient. We were really pleased with her work. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family."